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Supreme Lord Krishna's guide on How to Communicate - Srimad Bhagavad Gita

  1. Speak with kindness and compassion towards all living beings, as everyone is part of God's creation (Chapter 12, Verse 13).

  2. Speak truthfully and avoid deception, as honesty is a crucial part of spiritual practice (Chapter 16, Verse 1-3).

  3. Speak with a calm and controlled mind, free from anger and agitation, as this promotes peace and harmony (Chapter 2, Verse 63).

  4. Speak with humility and respect towards others, recognizing that everyone has something to teach us (Chapter 13, Verse 8).

  5. Speak with clarity and precision, avoiding confusion and ambiguity, to ensure that your message is understood (Chapter 17, Verse 15).

  6. Speak with detachment and equanimity, avoiding attachment to the fruits of your actions (Chapter 2, Verse 47).

  7. Speak with faith and conviction, trusting in God's will and purpose (Chapter 18, Verse 66).

  8. Speak with devotion and gratitude, recognizing the divine presence in all things (Chapter 7, Verse 17).

  9. Speak with love and compassion, seeking to uplift and inspire others (Chapter 12, Verse 20).

  10. Speak with a pure heart and good intentions, without malice or ill will (Chapter 17, Verse 15).

  11. Speak with mindfulness and awareness, staying present in the moment (Chapter 6, Verse 26).

  12. Speak with wisdom and insight, drawing upon spiritual knowledge and understanding (Chapter 4, Verse 38).

  13. Speak with generosity and selflessness, sharing your knowledge and resources with others (Chapter 17, Verse 20).

  14. Speak with detachment from your ego, recognizing that your true self is part of the divine (Chapter 2, Verse 13).

  15. Speak with compassion towards those who may not share your views, recognizing their own unique path (Chapter 18, Verse 63).

  16. Speak with patience and perseverance, recognizing that spiritual progress is a gradual process (Chapter 6, Verse 35).

  17. Speak with courage and conviction, standing up for what is right and just (Chapter 18, Verse 43).

  18. Speak with discernment and discrimination, recognizing the difference between the eternal and the temporary (Chapter 2, Verse 16).

  19. Speak with a sense of duty and responsibility, recognizing that our words can have a profound impact on others (Chapter 3, Verse 21).

  20. Speak with gratitude and reverence towards God, recognizing that all blessings come from Him (Chapter 10, Verse 8).

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