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Sins and Corresponding births --Garbh Gita

1. Killing a cow Being born as a dog

2. Killing a Brahmin Being born as an insect or worm

3. Consuming alcohol Being born as a pig

4. Stealing Being born as a cat

5. Lying Being born as a bird of prey

6. Committing adultery Being born as a demon

7. Engaging in violence or cruelty Being born with a deformity or disability

8. Engaging in sexual misconduct Being born in poverty or as an outcaste

9. Blasphemy against God or the Vedas Being born as a serpent or reptile

10. Eating meat Being born as a tree

11. Gambling Being born as a fish or aquatic animal

12. Neglecting one's duty or responsibilities Being born in a foreign land or country

13. Neglecting one's parents or elders Being born with a short life span

14. Failing to uphold dharma (righteousness) Being born in socially marginalized family

15. Taking bribes or engaging in corruption Being born as a crow or other scavenger bird

16. Being envious or jealous of others Being born as a rock or mineral

17. Being arrogant or prideful Being born with mental or emotional instability

18. Failing to practice ahimsa (non-violence) Being born with physical ailments or diseases

19. Failing to practice compassion or kindness Being born with an addiction.

20. Engaging in witchcraft or black magic Being born in a war-torn or violent region.

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