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We are always looking for new volunteers to help us in our worldwide mission.

Volunteers have a unique role in monitoring the quality of services for people who are vulnerable and living in residential services or for people with a disability.

The core role of the Volunteer is to safeguard the interests and rights of vulnerable people who have a disability and are living in eligible services. Volunteers do this by identifying and reporting issues and problems from the perspective of the individual resident and by referring these for resolution within the service system. Volunteers are responsible for performing their role by:

  • Visiting eligible services regularly, announced or unannounced and as otherwise required or requested.

  • Identifying, appraising, and monitoring issues and problems from the perspective of the individual resident, keeping in mind community expectations, relevant legislative principles, and service standards.

  • Resolving identified problems through direct negotiations with the staff and management of the facility where possible.

  • Referring on serious, persistent, or unresolved issues to the Regional Convenor.

  • Participating, with the Panel Secretary, in the preparation of a report on each visit.

  • Contributing to the development of the Annual Report through the reports made on each visit and as otherwise required.

  • Attending training sessions convened by the Senior or Head Volunteer Coordinating Unit as required.

  • Attending meetings as requested by the Regional Convenor, Co-ordinating Unit, or the Main Office meetings ( e.g. weekly updates, quarterly meetings, and the Annual General Meeting).


Each of these gives you concrete "pictures" of the kinds of things you would be doing as a volunteer and gives you an explanation of why you would be doing them - in effect. 

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