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The most Powerful -- Naths

The Nath Sampradaya is a tradition of spiritual masters, known as Naths, who have been influential in the development of yoga, tantra, and other spiritual practices in India. There are nine Naths who are particularly revered in this tradition, each of whom has unique teachings, abilities, and stories associated with them.

The Nath Sampradaya is a spiritual tradition that originated in India, characterized by the teachings and practices of a group of spiritual masters known as the Naths. The tradition emphasizes the development of spiritual consciousness, the mastery of the mind and body, and the attainment of liberation or enlightenment. The Naths are associated with the practice of yoga, tantra, and other spiritual practices, and are considered to possess unique abilities and powers. The Nath Sampradaya has had a significant influence on the development of yoga and other spiritual traditions in India and continues to inspire seekers around the world.


  • Importance: Considered the first Nath and founder of the Nath Sampradaya

  • Teachings: Focus on the practice of yoga and meditation, as well as the development of spiritual consciousness

  • Important place to visit: Adinath Temple in Mount Abu, Rajasthan


  • Importance: Considered a disciple of Adinath and an important figure in the development of Hatha Yoga

  • Teachings: Focus on the practice of Hatha Yoga and the awakening of Kundalini energy

  • Important place to visit: Matsyendranath Temple in Katraj, Pune


  • Importance: Considered one of the most important and revered Naths, known for his mastery of Hatha Yoga and spiritual power

  • Teachings: Focus on the development of inner power, the mastery of the mind, and the attainment of enlightenment

  • Important place to visit: Gorakhnath Temple in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh


  • Importance: Known for his mastery of pranayama and control of the breath

  • Teachings: Focus on the importance of breath control and the development of inner strength

  • Important place to visit: Jalandharnath Temple in Jalandhar, Punjab


  • Importance: Known for his ability to disappear and reappear at will, representing the Nath's ability to move beyond the physical body

  • Teachings: Focus on the attainment of spiritual knowledge and realization of the ultimate truth

  • Important place to visit: Kanifnath Temple in Pune, Maharashtra