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The Eternal Love Story of Meera Bai and Lord Krishna

Meera Bai, also known as Mirabai or Meera, was a 16th-century poet and devotee of Lord Krishna. She was born in a royal family in Rajasthan, India, and dedicated her life to the worship of Lord Krishna, despite opposition from her family and society. Her poetry and devotion continue to inspire people across India and beyond.

Here are her most famous bhajans

  • Payoji Maine Ram Ratan Dhan Payo

  • Hari Tum Haro Jann Ke Peer

  • Jo Tum Todo Piya, Main Nahi Todoon Re

  • Govind Mero Hai Gopal Mero Hai

  • Mere To Giridhar Gopal, Doosro Na Koi

  • Barse Badariya Sawan Ki

How Guru of Meera transformed her life ?

Meera Bai's guru was Ravidas, a Dalit saint and poet who is revered by many in India. Ravidas had a profound influence on Meera Bai's spiritual and artistic development, and she incorporated many of his teachings and beliefs into her own works.

  • Meera Bai was a young bride who was married into a royal family. Despite her lavish lifestyle, she felt a deep sense of emptiness and was searching for something more meaningful in her life. One day, she heard Ravidas singing hymns to Lord Krishna, and she was deeply moved by his devotion.

  • Meera Bai decided to approach Ravidas and asked him to become her guru. Ravidas initially refused, saying that Meera Bai was from a higher caste and that he was a lowly cobbler. But Meera Bai was persistent and refused to take no for an answer.

  • Finally, Ravidas relented and agreed to become Meera Bai's guru. He taught her the principles of devotion to Lord Krishna and introduced her to the poetry of the mystic saints. Meera Bai was completely transformed by Ravidas' teachings and became a devoted follower of Lord Krishna.

  • Over time, Meera Bai's devotion to Lord Krishna became so intense that it caused friction with her family and society. But she remained steadfast in her beliefs and continued to compose poetry and sing bhajans in praise of Lord Krishna until the end of her life.

The story of how Ravidas changed Meera Bai's life is a testament to the power of devotion and the transformative influence of a guru.

Here are unique points about Meera Bai's love for Lord Krishna

  • Meera Bai considered Lord Krishna to be her true love and devoted her entire life to him.

  • She believed that devotion to Lord Krishna was the only path to salvation and liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

  • Meera Bai often sang and danced in ecstasy while singing hymns to Lord Krishna.

  • She believed that Lord Krishna was present in every living being and that everyone should be treated with love and respect.

  • Meera Bai's devotion to Lord Krishna was so intense that she often forgot about her physical needs such as food and water.

  • She faced significant opposition from her family and society for her devotion to Lord Krishna, but she remained steadfast in her beliefs.

  • Meera Bai believed that devotion to Lord Krishna transcended all caste and social barriers.

  • She expressed her love for Lord Krishna through her poetry, which continues to be celebrated and sung to this day.

  • Meera Bai believed that true love for Lord Krishna should be selfless and pure, without any expectation of reward or recognition.

  • She believed that Lord Krishna was the ultimate embodiment of love and compassion, and that by devoting oneself to him, one could attain true inner peace and contentment.

Aisi Laagi Lagan Meera Ho gayi Magan

  • One day, Meera Bai was invited to the temple of Lord Krishna in Vrindavan. She arrived at the temple and became so absorbed in her devotion to Lord Krishna that she forgot about everything else.

  • As she was singing and dancing in front of the deity, she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and saw a group of angry priests who scolded her for daring to dance in front of the deity.

  • Meera Bai was undeterred and continued to dance and sing in front of the idol of Lord Krishna. The priests became even more agitated and tried to push her away. But Meera Bai refused to move, saying that Lord Krishna was her true love and that she would not stop singing and dancing in front of him.

  • As the argument continued, Meera Bai suddenly disappeared from the temple. The priests searched for her but could not find her anywhere. Finally, they decided to look inside the idol of Lord Krishna, and to their amazement, they found Meera Bai inside the idol, merged with the deity in a state of complete bliss.

  • This story is often cited as an example of Meera Bai's unwavering devotion to Lord Krishna and her willingness to go to any lengths to be close to him. It is said that her love for Lord Krishna was so intense that she became one with him, transcending all boundaries of time and space.

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