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Mera Piya Ghar Aaya -- Bulleh Shah and his master Shah Inayat Qadiri

Bulleh Shah (sometimes spelled Bulleh Shah or Bulleh Shah) was a Punjabi Sufi poet and philosopher who lived in what is now Pakistan during the 18th century. He is considered one of the greatest Sufi poets of the Punjabi language, and his poetry has had a lasting impact on the culture of the region.

Bulleh Shah's poetry often focused on themes of love, spirituality, and social justice. His poems were known for their simple, yet powerful, language and for their ability to convey complex spiritual ideas in an accessible way. Many of his poems also incorporated elements of Punjabi folk traditions.

Some of Bulleh Shah's most important works include his Kafian, which is a collection of poems, and his verses that were compiled in the book called "Divan-e-Bulleh Shah". Some of his famous poems include "Bulla Ki Jaana Main Kaun", "Tere Ishq Nachaya", and "Mera Piya Ghar Aaya".

Bulleh Shah's spiritual master was the Sufi saint Shah Inayat Qadiri.

Shah Inayat Qadiri was a prominent Sufi saint of his time, known for his wisdom, teachings, and spiritual practices. He was impressed by Bulleh Shah's spiritual yearning and accepted him as his disciple.

Bulleh Shah's relationship with his guru was marked by deep love and devotion. He often wrote poems expressing his love and gratitude towards his guru, and his guru also recognized Bulleh Shah's spiritual potential and guided him on his path.

One famous story about Bulleh Shah and his guru involves a disagreement between the two. One day, Bulleh Shah found his guru performing ablution (washing before prayer) in a way that he thought was incorrect. Bulleh Shah corrected his guru, but his guru insisted that his way was correct. In response, Bulleh Shah said, "I am sorry, but I cannot follow a teacher who does not know how to perform ablution properly." His guru responded, "If you cannot follow me in small things, how will you follow me in greater things?" This led Bulleh Shah to realize his mistake and reaffirm his commitment to his guru.

Overall, Bulleh Shah's relationship with his guru was characterized by mutual respect, love, and devotion, and his guru's teachings had a profound impact on his spiritual development and his poetry.

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