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How profound is the learning from our four Vedas and Puranas. The very essence of life is experienced at the fullest when we Seek The Truth. Spirituality is not about being spiritual by quitting the assigned relationships,duties and running away from them. But it is all about making those relations more harmonious, peaceful, loyal and loving by understanding the Laws of Karma. Have you heard of the bollywood dialogue "ROTTI, KAPDA AUR MAKAAN"? A person lives and runs after these three things throughout his lifetime. But lesser does he know that these three things even an animal is also thriving for. So what's the difference between in that of an animal and we as social animals?The difference is that we have opportunity to go into spirituality, to listen to Holy sermons and we also have opportunity to get Enlightened in this very birth. You must have also heard of the Movie🎥 Eat, Sleep Repeat how far does the title attracts you?

Imagine Gautama Buddha, Meera, Mahavir, Guru Nanakdevji also going in this mode called EAT, SLEEP, REPEAT...

How devastating it would have been!! How we would have ever got such brilliant Enlightened Yogis right in front of us as our guiding light. Indian Sages have given us trunks full of experiences and learnings that even people from other countries want to know and follow. With spirituality one learns the basic virtues of life, one knows the ethics of life, one adopts SELFLESSNESS, One knows the actual discipline of a Soul. Yes, You heard it write,, A soul also has discipline. Now, how does this discipline comes from? A routine of a Sadhak, timings that are aligned with the nature. Spirituality is adapting the attitude of Gratitude of smallest of the things that helped us in day to day life, letting go what you are holding onto. Wiping tears, lending a shoulder, Learning the process of acceptance that we see and learn daily in our satsang. So grateful we are to have a Spiritual Master to guide us all the time. How a person becomes miserable when he is on an unknown road and all his navigation signals goes off. Exactly the same thing happens with a person's life when led without a spiritual Master (A Guru). A Master makes us a powerful magnet of attracting miracles and grace if we have complete faith and devotion towards Him. Spirituality completes you, spirituality breaks all the boundaries of you&me. Because it tells you that Other doesn't exists. It's the knowledge about WE ALL ARE ONE. It also teaches the subtleties of law of karmas. That whatever you give comes back to you.


Spirituality teaches us abandoning desires gross or subtle, it teaches us how to stop over-thinking, it teaches us that we need completely nothing, we are complete if we are in NOW, we need absolutely nothing. Spirituality tells us that ultimate riches dwell in the emptiness. Someone has very wisely written that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Once you realise that all things change, there is nothing you would hold on to. Spirituality teaches us that always be in love with the heart not the face. In this times of pandemic we must have learnt so much that nothing is permanent, that life is full of uncertainties, why to hoard things, for whom to hoard things. This phase has transformed us in real sense. It taught us that how we can survive with the lesser of things. LESSER THE BETTER. This phase has made many of us a Minimalist. But being a minimalist along with fuller knowledge is a wider thing, and that knowledge comes from Spirituality. Real inner engineering takes place only when we see the things inside-out.

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