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From Materialism to Sprituality

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

The Vedas and Puranas are ancient texts that hold profound wisdom and teachings about the essence of life. By seeking the truth, we can experience the fullness of life and spirituality. However, being spiritual does not mean abandoning our responsibilities and relationships. Instead, it means making them more harmonious, peaceful, loyal, and loving by understanding the laws of karma.

In popular culture, there is a famous Bollywood dialogue that says, "ROTTI, KAPDA AUR MAKAAN" - meaning that people spend their entire lives chasing after three basic necessities: food, clothing, and shelter. However, even animals are driven by the same basic needs. So, what sets us apart as social animals? The difference is that we have the opportunity to explore spirituality, listen to holy sermons, and attain enlightenment in this lifetime.

Additionally, there is a popular movie called "Eat, Sleep, Repeat". While the title is catchy, it is important to focus on a more balanced approach to life, where we prioritize spiritual growth alongside our physical needs.

  • The wisdom of Indian sages and spiritual leaders like Buddha, Meera, Mahavir, and Guru Nanakdevji has given us invaluable experiences and teachings that people from other countries also want to follow.

  • Spirituality teaches us basic virtues of life, ethics, and selflessness. It also helps us adopt discipline for our soul.

  • A spiritual routine and following nature's timing can help us achieve discipline and gratitude for the smallest things in life.

  • Acceptance, wiping tears, lending a shoulder, and being grateful for a spiritual master's guidance are important aspects of spirituality.

  • Without a spiritual master, a person's life can become miserable like an unknown road without navigation signals.

  • Complete faith and devotion towards a spiritual master can make us a powerful magnet for attracting miracles and grace.

  • Spirituality breaks boundaries of "you" and "me" and teaches that "we are all one".

  • It teaches the subtleties of the law of karma, that whatever we give comes back to us.

  • Spirituality helps us abandon desires, stop over-thinking, and realize that we need nothing to be complete.

  • Ultimate riches dwell in emptiness and we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

  • Spirituality teaches us to love the heart and not the face and that nothing is permanent, so we should not hold onto anything.

  • The pandemic has taught us the importance of minimalism and the fact that lesser is better.

  • Real inner engineering occurs when we see things inside-out, with a deeper understanding gained through spirituality.

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