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Dhanteras Rituals and Tips: Invoking Wealth and Prosperity

Dhanteras, the first day of the Diwali festival, is celebrated with great enthusiasm in India. It is considered an auspicious time for inviting wealth and prosperity into one's life. To make the most of this day, here are some detailed tips and rituals to follow:

Dhanvantri and Kubera Blessings:

  • Setting the North Wall: Place a picture of Lord Dhanvantri and Lord Kubera on the northern wall of your home.

  • Morning Dhanvantri Puja: Start the day with a puja dedicated to Lord Dhanvantri, the deity of health and well-being.

  • Evening Kuber Puja: In the evening, perform a puja for Lord Kubera, the treasurer of wealth. Include panchamrit (a mixture of milk, honey, curd, ghee, and sugar) along with Ganesh and Lakshmi puja.

  • North-Side Lockers: Ensure that your money lockers or safes are placed on the northern side of your home for financial stability.

Sacred Symbols for Money Storage:

  • OM and Swastik: Draw the sacred symbols of OM and Swastik using kumkum inside your lockers or cash drawers.

  • Red Cloth: Place a piece of red cloth inside your money storage area before keeping your money. Red is considered an auspicious color associated with wealth.

Welcoming Entryway:

  • Long Carpet or Doormat: Lay a long carpet or a big doormat outside your entrance. This not only adds to the aesthetics but also invites prosperity into your home.

  • Beautify the Entrance: Decorate your entrance with rangoli, torans, and traditional motifs to make it welcoming for goddess Lakshmi.

Buy on Dhanteras:

  • Dry Coriander Leaves: Buying dry coriander leaves on Dhanteras is believed to bring wealth and prosperity.

  • Salt: Purchasing salt is considered auspicious for maintaining the flow of wealth in your home.

Mantra Chanting with Kamal Gatta Mala:

  • Kamal Gatta Mala: Get a Kamal Gatta Mala (lotus seeds rosary) and use it for chanting Lakshmi mantras from Dhanteras to Bhai Duj. Chanting mantras with this mala is believed to attract wealth and good fortune.

Gold Kalash and Sun Worship:

  • Buy Gold Kalash: On Dhanteras, buy a gold kalash and offer water to the sun. This ritual symbolizes the worship of Lord Surya for wealth and prosperity.

Dhanteras Potli for Prosperity:

  • Creating Kuber Potli: Prepare a Kuber potli filled with various auspicious items:

    • Rice

    • Cloves

    • Black Pepper

    • Yellow and Black Kaudi

    • Cardamoms

    • Supari

    • Haldi (Turmeric) Whole

    • Cinnamon Stick

    • Perfume (Itra)

    • Rose Petals

    • Rakt Gunja (Red and Black)

    • Coriander Seeds

    • Gomti Chakra

    • Kali Haldi

    • Tej Patta

    • 12 Tej Patta

    • 9 One Rupee Coins

    • Camphor (Bhimseni)

  • Potli Affirmations: As you put each item in the potli, chant "Om Shri Shri Ganeshay Namah" and affirmations for health, wealth, and prosperity.

  • Affirmations Numbers: Keep numbers like 520, 741, and 808 on one day, 318, 612, 518, and 714 on another, and 229578589 on the third day.

  • Potli Placement: Keep the potli open on Dhanteras day and, from Dhanteras to Bhai Duj, place it in your locker for financial blessings.

Dakshin Vrat Shankh and Deity Coins:

  • Shankh Ritual: In your home temple, put water in a Dakshin Vrat Shankh and place coins with the images of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh on it.

Lakshmi, Ganesh, and Saraswati Offerings:

  • Lakshmi - Makhana: Offer makhana (lotus seeds) to Goddess Lakshmi.

  • Ganesh - Modak: Present modak, Lord Ganesh's favorite sweet, as an offering.

  • Saraswati - Mitti Ke Pan: For Goddess Saraswati, offer a pan made of clay.

Gold and Silver Preservation:

  • Combine Gold and Silver: Place all your gold and silver items on one plate. Clean and decorate them and then put them back in your locker on Diwali day.

13 Diyas for Dhanteras:

  • On Dhanteras, light 13 ghee diyas to eliminate darkness and invite the light of prosperity into your home.

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