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Can't go outside? Let's do the journey inside!! It's easy to take a break from the routine by going for a vacation, but it takes effort and courage to do the same journey within, by keeping a check on our thoughts, intentions, and inclinations in such times of dismay, grief, suffering, fear, trauma, stress, and ignorance. Have you heard of Noah's Arch? How far was he successful in taking all the pairs of every single species? Who was all those lucky to whom He chose? How the supreme Grace is received? Let's know the importance of every day's understanding of the self Realisation. Whatever You are seeking is actually seeking You, because we all are drops from the same "Ocean".

Let's be Peacemakers to avoid Pacemakers

Bitterness is like concentrated Eau de Skunk. It pollutes how we perceive the rest of the world. Does a pizza smell and taste savory when your head is filled with bitterness? The world looks exactly like that, "dark and vague" when viewed through that of blurred/smeared lens of unforgiveness and Ungratefulness. This very secret ingredient of forgiveness comes only when we have known that how God is forgiving us day by day and polishing us into better human beings and giving us chances to rise up every single day. Every day He gives us a new day, a new beginning, and a new opportunity. Indeed God understands the fatigue of information, obligation, cell phone buzzing all the time, e-mails building up faster than you can answer them. The boss gives the deadlines and asks when the project will be done... Believe it, God understands!! Stop harboring bitterness, grudges, and Unforgiveness for others in your heart to feel better and lighter. God wants you to live a Vibrant Life, in perfect harmony with the gift called, Spirituality.


God has taken hold of me so I keep on running and struggling to take the hold of the prize. Like Beethoven, each one of us has the potential to add music to the great symphony called Life. Even in relationships if we, with an open heart love each other, serve each other and put our own agenda last on the list, we definitely reap BIG and hefty bushels of Love & Joy in return. A small seed becomes a huge tree. You have to choose between the seeds of goodness and bitterness. Love Lovingly, play playfully, serve humbly, Live honestly, Pray Prayerfully, and there you become a Leader!

Remember the great story by Leo Tolstoy?

In which a King went on to ask three questions:

1- Who is the most important man?

2- Which is the most important work?

3- Which is the most important time?

Not a single being could answer these questions correctly out of all the ministers and scholars. Ultimately these questions were answered wisely by a sage

1- The most important man is He who is with us.

2- The most important work is that which is at hand.

3- NOW is the most important time.

Yes, the most important time is NOW which is part of today, so let's make full use of Today and be successful&happy with an enthusiastic heart.

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