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Believe in Yourself

Disciplined or controlled imagination. It is one of the primal faculties of mind it has the power to

Project and clothe your ideas, giving them visibility on the screen of space .

It is just as easy to imagine yourself successful, as it is to imagine failure but far more interesting

If you imagine ,for example, that another person is mean dishonest and jealous, notice the emotion you evoked within yourself. Now reverse the situation. Begin to imagine the same person as honest ,sincere ,loving, also kind ,notice the reaction it calla forth in you. Are you ,therefore, master of your attitude?

In reality, the truth of the whole matter is that it is your real concept of God that determines your whole attitude towards life in general your dominant idea about God is your idea of ,for God is the spiritual power within you responsive to your thought and that, therefore since your habitual thinking is constructive and harmonious, this power is guiding and prospering you in all ways, this dominant attitude will colour everything. You will be looking at the world through the positive, affirmative attitude of mind. Your outlook will be positive plus you will have a joyous expectancy of only the best.

Many people have a gloomy, despondent outlook on life. They are sour, as well as cantankerous. This is due to the dominant negative mental attitude that directs their reaction to everything.


Imagine whatsoever things are lovely noble and of good report . Your entire emotional attitude towards life will change .what do you imagine about life ?Is it going to be a happy life for you? Or is it one Ling series of frustrations? “Choose ye whom you will serve”.

You mould, fashion and shape your outer world of experience according to the mental images you habitually dwell on. Imagine conditions and circumstances in life that dignify, elevate ,please ,as well as satisfy you. If you imagine that life is cold, cruel, hard , bitter , or that struggle and pain are inevitable, you are making life miserable for yourself.

Imagine yourself on the golf course .you are free, relaxed_full of enthusiasm and energy . Your joy is in overcoming all the difficulties presented by the golf course. The thrill is in surmounting all the obstacles.

The sailor said to Columbus, “ what shall we do when all hope is gone ?” His reply was , “you shall say at break of the day, “sail on, sail on and on .” Here is the key to prayer , be faithful to the end , full of faith every step of the way, persisting to the end, knowing in your heart that the end is secure because you saw the end.

Our mind must be like a parachute . The latter opens up, if it does not , it isn’t any good likewise, we must open our eyes and minds to new Truths. We must hunger and thirst after new Truths and new knowledge, enabling us to sour aloft above our problems on the wings of faith and understanding.

The inspired writers imagination was fired with truth when he wrote :

There is a river the streams whereof shall make Glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most high

Imagination was the workshop of God that inspired the writer of the following matchless, spiritual gems which will go down through the corridor of time and live forever. For tender beauty and for divine imagery , they are unsurpassed in dealing with the availability and immanence of God’s presence:

For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. “If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there shall thy hand lead me and thy right hand shall hold me”.
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