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Autobiography of a Yogi"-- Paramahansa Yogananda

"Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda is a spiritual masterpiece that chronicles the remarkable life journey of the author and his quest for self-realization. This profound autobiography has captivated readers worldwide since its publication in 1946, inspiring countless individuals on their own spiritual paths. Renowned for its compelling storytelling and insightful teachings, the book has not only garnered critical acclaim but has also gained popularity in popular culture. It has been hailed as a transformative read, attracting a diverse range of readers, including influential figures like Steve Jobs, who gifted it to guests at his memorial service.

  • The author introduces his childhood in Gorakhpur, India, and his spiritual inclinations.

  • Yogananda shares an anecdote about his mystical encounter with a childhood friend who had passed away.

  • He expresses his desire to find a spiritual guru to guide him on his spiritual quest.

  • Yogananda reflects on the influence of his mother and her devotion to God.

  • The chapter concludes with the author's decision to pursue a life dedicated to seeking spiritual truth.

  • Yogananda joins the esteemed Sri Yukteswar Giri as his disciple and begins his spiritual training.

  • The author narrates his experiences during the rigorous and transformative training under Sri Yukteswar's guidance.

  • Yogananda learns about the concept of Kriya Yoga and its significance in spiritual awakening.

  • He delves into the philosophy of Indian scriptures and the concept of Maya (illusion) and its impact on human perception.

  • The chapter ends with Yogananda's realization that his destiny lies in sharing the teachings of yoga with the world.

  • Yogananda describes his journey to the holy city of Benares (Varanasi) and the spiritual revelations he experiences there.

  • The author encounters various yogis and ascetics who possess extraordinary powers and spiritual wisdom.

  • He narrates an encounter with Babaji, an immortal yogi, who imparts profound insights and blessings to him.

  • Yogananda gains a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all religions and the universal truth they embody.

  • The chapter concludes with the author's realization that the true essence of religion lies in personal experience and communion with God.

  • Yogananda travels to the ashram of Lahiri Mahasaya, a renowned disciple of Babaji, in the holy city of Banaras.

  • The author witnesses the transformative power of Lahiri Mahasaya's teachings and experiences firsthand.

  • He learns about the significance of self-discipline and the power of meditation in attaining spiritual growth.

  • Yogananda delves into the concept of astral travel and the existence of higher dimensions beyond the physical realm.

  • The chapter ends with the author's initiation into Kriya Yoga and the profound impact it has on his spiritual journey.

  • Yogananda recounts his encounters with various spiritual luminaries, including the great sage Master Mahasaya.

  • The author delves into the concept of divine healing and shares stories of miraculous healings performed by spiritual masters.

  • He describes his initiation into the Swami Order and his journey to the sacred city of Brindaban.

  • Yogananda explores the principles of renunciation and the challenges faced by those who dedicate their lives to God.

  • The chapter concludes with the author's realization that true renunciation lies in offering oneself completely to God, rather than material possessions.

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