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Divine Care Foundation has been created by a chosen few disciples of Sadguru Dada Laxmi Bhagwan by setting up a platform, to carry out selfless service in a worldly manner in the true tradition of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam’, meaning ‘the whole world is a family’. Over two decades, the founding trustees are blessed with the divine presence of spiritual master through the daily congregation of interactive satsang, every morning and evening. Following the footprints of the enlightened master, the seeds sown in the form of ‘seva, simran, satsang’ have today taken the shape of this charitable trust. Thus this platform offers an opportunity to bring the teachings of the master in practice, making a difference for fellow human beings, with a dedicated quest for human excellence.

The primary objective of this humanitarian trust is to inculcate spiritual and ethical values among the youth, create educational and employment opportunities for the under privileged and extend financial and medical aid to the needy.

Today the daily satsang, which aims at individual spiritual awakening, is a part of life for majority of the populace, not only in many cities in India but also across the globe. As of now, the limited activities of the foundation are being run with the self-generated funds of the trustees & satsangees. Active participation of the community is needed to achieve the set out goals.

Divine Care Foundation aspires to render noble altruistic service in the socio- economic milieu of our brethren, promoting and fulfilling the philanthropic aspect of our lives.

Our Mission

We can't help everyone... But everyone can help someone

- Dr. Loretta Scott

Our Mission

An initiative towards Human Excellence


Our Vision

A happy, healthy and empowered human being in the true tradition of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam’, meaning ‘the whole world is a family’

Our Objectives

  •  Inculcate moral & ethical values in the youth and encourage them to live accordingly. 

  • Propagate and celebrate spiritual occasions, organize religious programs and thereby undertake activities creating awareness. 

  • Assist the affected populace during natural calamities and initiate activities to support them. 

  • Provide scholarships, fee ships to needy and bright students enabling career opportunities. 

  • Create environmental awareness and initiate sustainable actions, including tree plantation drives.

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We Need Your Support Today!

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